Embracing Chaos to Finding Peace

Today I cleaned, I mean REALLY CLEANED my house for the first time in, geez, I can’t remember how long. Don’t judge, it’s not like we were living in filth or anything, but I have gotten so wrapped up in everything else in the last year or so that I felt guilty taking time to just….clean. I know, I know, that sounds stupid and like an excuse, right? But it’s really not. Literally, even social media has gotten more attention than my home. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of others like me too.

Now I feel the need to mention that this has not always been the case. I used to have a seriously clean house. Like you could eat off the floor kind of clean. Somewhere along the line between leaving my job to peruse my dreams, working out, doing personal development, running (or trying to run) two businesses and of course the almighty social media, I lost my inner cleaning lady. I bet you’re thinking ‘Why not just hire a cleaning service’, right? And to that I will say I have honestly thought about it because I would rather be at the gym, networking, helping others or spending time with my family. But I guess I don’t feel like I’ve achieved ‘cleaning service status’ as of yet. If that’s even a thing.  So because I don’t have a ‘normal’ 9-5 job one would think that I ‘should’ have time to clean or maybe because I am not as far along in my businesses as I want to be that I just don’t feel like I deserve that perk yet. <insert eye roll here> Why do we do this kind of thing to ourselves. Should I really have to justify it?

Back to cleaning and listening to Rachel Hollis’ book Girl Wash Your Face. (Which if you haven’t read or listened to it yet, you are so missing out. Stop reading this now, open Amazon, order it and then come back)

Cleaning to me is like a form of therapy or a bunch of little popping clarity bubbles happening all over the place. Some call them breakthroughs but personally clarity popping bubbles sounds so much more exciting and real to me. We all have that thing that helps us think without overthinking, cleaning happens to be mine. (You would think I would do more of it.) Clarity is important in life and business, in everything really. If you cannot slow down long enough in all the chaos of life, clarity will seem like a pink unicorn you are always looking for but can never find. And that is just frustrating, we start taking it out on the ones we love, making mistakes and things can end up in shambles quick.  Where do you find your clarity? In taking a walk, a run, meditation, reading, cleaning, throwing away the never-ending list of lists? Whatever it is, do that more! Think of it as your yellow brick road to clarity and do it so much more often that your mind feels clear more than not. (and let me know if you find that pink unicorn too)

So, what were my popping clarity bubbles in this therapy cleaning sesh today?

  1. I need to clean more (Obviously)
  2. Instead of thinking about it, I just need to hire a cleaning service and be done with it.
  3. I was kind of hard on my husband last night about something and I need to fix that as soon as he gets home.
  4. That if Rachel Hollis was my neighbor we would be the best of friends.
  5. That while I preach to others all the time about giving themselves grace, I tend to forget about doing that very thing to the person in the mirror. You know, the amazing woman doing incredible things who feels guilty wanting to celebrate them. Geesh…how did that happen? Maybe the answer to that one will come in another clarity pop in a future cleaning session.
  6. I’m feeling guilty, not enough and all those things I shouldn’t be that I am cleaning instead of being at the gym or in my office organizing my never-ending lists of things to do and agonizing over how do I organize and keep track of everything to run a successful business and help others.

Finally 7. That I AM CLEANING!!! Which even though there is #6, I must be finding some sort of balance and being good with all I’ve been doing instead of feeling like I never do enough.

Now, back to cleaning and clarity bubbles. I guess embracing the chaos, learning to somehow do it all in my own way and finding peace in all of it boils down to one thing…HOW WE DO LIFE.

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