I am tired and I know it

-Cue the music to the I’m Sexy and I Know It song by LMAFO.

Did you sing it in your head? Of course, you did….so did I writing it.

Have you ever been cruising along through life, things are going well, business is picking up and WHAM…you feel like a truck hit you? And I don’t mean feeling sick. I mean tired TIRED. Tired with a full calendar. Tired with the drive in your heart of I don’t want to slow down even for a week mentality. Tired but continually trying to get up earlier and thinking ‘wait, when was the last time I slept in or even slept until 7 am?  Yep, this was me the last couple weeks. Oh and I forgot to mention tired and not getting my everyday HAVE TOs accomplished because of it. #fail

Years ago I would have never scheduled anything in the morning because sleep was #1. So much so that a friend used to call me at 8 am on the weekends to talk and I always contemplated not answering. She was always so chipper and talkative and I think I pretty much slept through most of our conversations…..literally. (Sorry Billy Jo!) And back to bed, I would go.

Right now it’s get up, wake up and go. Go meaning do some personal development, do the dishes, catch up on texts, see what clients are in today, go pee, brush my teeth, decide if I’m going to wash my hair today, tomorrow or the next day, make a shake, work on sessions & workouts, head to a meeting or a workout…..the list can go on and on. And this is in the first half hour to an hour a lot of times. Fortunately, my brain is up and firing first thing in the morning. But not when my sleep tank is deprived and running on empty.

So, back to the last couple weeks. Working for yourself you learn to hustle. That means clients, networking events, late nights working when your husband is on night shift….basically fitting as much into your schedule as possible. And things start to happen! Which is good, right? YES! But pushing off the self-care category of sleep will catch up to you and drag you down quick if you’re not paying attention to it. Which is what happened to me. I don’t get sick very often but I do seem to get to the point of exhaustion and almost feel sick without actually having a virus or anything of the sort. The answer, give in to the self-care sleep.

It’s a struggle to say NO at times. But finding your NO buzzer can be the difference between momentum or decline. Unfortunately, I have been learning this the hard way. This goes for anything in life….business, workouts, relationships, marriage, life in general. This week I forced myself to back out of 2 networking events and scheduled, that’s right SCHEDULED, sleep in times in my calendar. Canceling was hard, but I looked at those words SLEEP IN on Sunday’s page all the time. As luck would have it my sleep in day also fell on daylight savings day (fall). So, I not only slept in this morning but was still up by 7:30 am. Score one for my hustle side.

What did I learn through all of this? Not to deprive myself of sleep, saying no is not the end of the world and it’s ok to cancel sometimes. Life will go on and there will be more events to attend.

I must say I felt a little FOMO (fear of missing out) during and after both events, but it was totally worth it.


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