I own a network marketing business.

(GASP, I know.)

  No really, some people will look at you funny, judge you (why I don’t know or understand) and think you’re going to breathe down their neck and try to sell them something if you belong to a network marketing company. <insert major eye roll here>

For me, I didn’t have any aversion to it at all. I knew my friends had parties of all sorts but I never knew what it was really all about. And I certainly didn’t know they made money….sometimes big money! Why no one ever sat me down strapped to a chair until I got this is beyond me.

I am not here to tell you about what products I have and how they would help you in so many ways. Ask me and I’ll fill you in according to your needs and desires. But what I do want to tell you about is what this network marketing business of mine has done for me. It starts with one simple word, DREAM. Yes, dreaming….from daydreams to forcing myself to think bigger and imagine what life could be like, what I really desire it to look like and then envision that so deeply that it’s imprinted into my soul so that my soul will go to work to make it happen. This website you’re on right now would have never even been built if it wasn’t for a dream.

The classes or sessions you may take or will take one day (hint hint) would have never come to life without a dream. And that dream would never have really taken shape without my network marketing business. I have learned that network marketing is really a self-development journey with a really amazing compensation plan (depending on the company of course).  It encourages you to look at things differently and challenge the status quo, to think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone, to grow both yourself and your dreams….all while impacting others lives for the better. Now, who doesn’t want all of that?? Is it simple? Yes! Is it easy? No. Just like anything else, it takes work, drive, persistence, and consistency. But, that DREAM…..it has and is changing everything.

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