Is The Pitcher Half Full or Half Empty?

You may not think this is really all that important, but how you look at this could really help you reach your goals. I have some clients that see nothing but how far they have to go. And others see how far they have come and can visualize the finish line (goal).

If you look at the pitcher, or anything for that matter, as half empty, how apt are you to only look at how far you have to go? And how daunting does that look? It can feel like it is so hard to even try to get there so why keep trying. (HALF EMPTY) At this point, the task, whether it be weight loss, muscle building, business building, or even training for an upcoming event, seems so daunting so many people give up and say or think ‘Why even bother?’.

Now, if you’re looking at that pitcher as half full, you can see how far you’ve come, believe that you can keep going and finish this. Your attitude is more of ‘I have come this far, I am NOT giving up now!’.  At this point, you can visualize that finish line or goal you’ve set, and your heart, mind, body goes to work to finish or hit that mark. For an athlete, as soon as they can see the finish line you get an extra surge of energy.

There are actual scientific studies that show the body releases more energy, more endorphins, and drive that pushes us towards that end goal. But you must get there for it to kick in. I have personally felt this in running a half marathon, finishing sprint triathlons, getting in the ring to spar, hitting goals in my business and even running local 5Ks. But to do that, to feel that surge, you must be able to see how far you have come, be grateful for it and continue to move forward not sabotaging yourself in the process.

What about the lemons and the ice cubes in the pitcher you ask? Well, as I see it, they are changes you must make along the way to help raise the level. Ice cubes melt, just like sometimes, along your journey, things stop working as they did, the water changes in temperature and you have to add more. In the same way, lemons flavor the water causing a change in taste.  For instance, you lift a weight that was once too heavy and it becomes easy, you run a certain distance and it is no longer a challenge or you hit a milestone goal in your business you’ve been aiming at for a long time. In this case, it’s time to reevaluate and change something up to push you forward, challenge you more, and get your closer to your goals. The changes you make equal Lemons and Ice cubes!

For me? I won’t lie, I have a day here and there that the goals I’ve set seem so far away. But my pitcher is ALWAYS half full and completely refillable. Now, go slice up some lemons, get out the ice cubes and fill up that pitcher!

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