Nutrition, Food, and Me

First of all, I want to say I am not a nutritionist nor am I a certified health coach. I am, however, a woman who has fought her weight and body image all her life. I have found tools that work for me and hundreds of thousands of others. I’ve found snacks and foods to balance out the ‘let’s get real we all actually live life foods’. You know, we all have birthdays, anniversaries, summer cookouts, picnics, holidays and everything in between. And some of us like carbs and breads more than others too.

I should have prefaced this with I am a super simple eater. I am not in the 1-2% of people who will eat totally clean ALL THE TIME but tend to stay in the 80% range, which I think is completely doable for people if they really try. Convenience for me is king as well as being a way of self-care because otherwise, it’s just too easy to go to foods that do not serve me. If it isn’t convenient then I probably will stay away from it other than occasional times that I actually feel like cooking. Like just now I made a bangin’ meatloaf. I have found that convenience is kind of important when it comes to people sticking to a plan or system. Otherwise, people will give it a go for a while but when life hits, and it will, they return to their old habits and a lot of times things go downhill from there. My goal is to help people have some simple convenient ‘hacks’ to help them stay the course when life hits. We all stray off that course here and there but having simple things to go back to makes it much easier to course correct.

If I post something that doesn’t seem convenient it’s either something that doesn’t happen often or it’s made by a friend and you’ll find all the credit given to them in the post. Speaking of, if you are one of those types that love to cook and cook different things I will introduce you to my good friend Whitney Laventure. She is a chef and makes some of the most amazing healthy meals. She even has a page on facebook dedicated to it as well as a cookbook in the works.

I will share what has worked for me, what sort of works for me at times and even what doesn’t work for me. Take it or leave it and do what works for you. 😊

Please remember, every BODY is different, every BODY looks different, every BODY is built differently and every BODY reacts differently to foods, exercise, situations, stress, and emotions at any given time. And don’t even get me started on stress and the effects that has on the human body. We will talk about that in a post in the near future.

Lastly, I will never preach that I have all the answers or that ‘my way’ is the only best way known to man….that would simply be a lie. I am also always open to suggestions and conversation is always open for discussion.

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