The Repeat Outfit

GASP! 2 weeks ago I wore the same outfit to a magazine release I am in (still pinching myself on this one) as I wore to my 50th surprise birthday party 5 months ago. I know, I know <hands to my face> appalling, isn’t it?

Recently I’ve been looking around my house and thinking, what can I get rid of, why do we still have that, what purpose other than collecting dust and taking up space does this or that have any longer? And then thinking ‘WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THERESA’! Theresa who ‘wanted’ so much stuff. Theresa who took so much pride in decorating and having cute things sitting around, changing them up season to season, holiday to holiday and always wanting something new? Theresa who always wanted new clothes. Hmmmm….what happened to that girl?

How did something like a repeat outfit in 5 months to 2 big events in my life happen to the girl who had to have a new outfit for everything at one point in her life. To now putting this in digital form, I’ve wore it AGAIN to the fights one weekend and another time as well…I didn’t die, no one even noticed and sheesh, who really cares anyway?

To answer that, we have to back up 2.5 years ago when I left my job of 28 years. To be honest, I took a severance by choice, on purpose, having no idea if following my dreams and passions would work out or not other than ‘it just felt right’. My dad was probably screaming at me from heaven yelling ‘Don’t you dare do that’. But I couldn’t hear it.  Was it the right time? Has it been amazing, YES! Am I where I thought I would be in 22 months, NO.
But in the process, some pretty wonderful things have taken place…..

  1. More quality time with my husband and daughter.
  2. Learning to do with less….less stuff, less stress, less alarm clock, less clothes and less money.
  3. More…….of so many other things I love. The first and foremost is TIME! More time, more love, more sleep, more quality, more appreciation, more conversation, more learning and growth, more early mornings by CHOICE, more depth, more impact, more attention, more lunch dates….more FREEDOM in every way.

So was the timing right? Absolutely YES! Even though it doesn’t look exactly like I thought it was going to look.

Back to looking around to see what we can get rid of. I asked my husband if I can sell the bakers rack. (It came into out marriage with him so I had to ask) He said no. ‘OK why?’ was my response. He said he likes it. Alright I get that.
But now it has me thinking deeper….
-What are we or am I, holding onto just because? And not just in things, but in life, mindsets, feelings, beliefs, emotions and more? Just because what? Because at one time any of these things served me in some way or I was conditioned in some way?
-Am I at a place that I can let go of those things that no longer serve me?
-What can I now let go of to move forward to have more space in life for greater things?
-Is it really so bad repeating an outfit? NO, especially a good one!

What do you have that you no longer have a need to hold onto that is just holding you back from the next step or next level in your life, relationship, business or connection with God? It’s shocking what can get in the way over time and we don’t even realize it.

I challenge you to take a look around your home, inside your head and heart and ask yourself a few questions….
1. What purpose does this serve?
2. Can I do without it?
3. How is holding onto this or that holding me back in some way?
4. Is it just taking up space or do I really need it?
5. Do I even use it? (hint…if you have to ask this question, the answer is NO)
6. Can I let go of it and move forward?

By doing this you just might be able to create some more space in your life for new experiences, growth and room to move around a little better. And, if you’re like me, you’ll try to sell what you can at a yard sale and make a few extra bucks to take on vacation with your spouse and do that excursion you wouldn’t have normally done.

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