The Space

You know how once you find a car on the lot that you love and think no one has it because you’ve never even noticed them before only to drive off the lot and see them everywhere? Like by some form of magic they have all suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I am having something similar but different happening.

About 6 weeks ago my mom told me about a contest that Chip Gaines (from Fixer Upper) was holding, Chipstarter 2.0. Look it up, it is such a cool thing. In a nutshell, people submit a 2-minute video with their dream, a business plan, and other info. The winners are being chosen this very weekend. Nope, I didn’t’ make the cut to get to this point. But it’s ok. At least I got the ball rolling.

Now, since I wrote my dream of having our own space for a gym on paper, I cannot stop thinking about it. And every space I enter that has ‘the feel’ I see in my head all I do is look at the space and dream. By the time I am actually looking for a space, I will know exactly what I’m looking for. Which could go either way and be a good thing or a bad thing.  For now, I’ll just find all these perfect spaces and keep dreaming and working my way to get there.

My point here is, write it down! Whatever it is you dream about, write it down. Put it ‘out there’ and see what happens.

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