Meet Whitney

Two years ago I received a text message at 10pm from a woman saying she’d been referred to me for boxing classes. This woman was Whitney Laventure. I gave her class information and she came….and never left!

Whitney has been one of the most driven people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Once she sets her mind to something, she just goes after it. I have seen this in her desire to change her health, weight, nutrition, her drive to push for and achieve the recognition of IsaBody Challenge Honorable Mention 2019 in a contest of over 40,000 people…. all while pushing through major adversities in her personal life. She is now working towards her dream of competing in American Ninja Warrior, and even though she did not get picked to participate in this year’s competition, she still got the chance to run the course in Baltimore. How many people get to do that?

But the best one is how she had the desire to be a better role model Mommy to her two young girls, to be able to be more present, play WITH them and not just watch them and do something for her health to help lower her risk of medical issues some others in the family have endured.

Whitney has accomplished so very much and has changed more than I can explain over the last 2 years. You may be able to physically see her outward transformation, but to see the whole transformation of mind, body, soul, emotions, and mindset is truly mind-blowing. From overweight, angry and ‘shutdown’, she has bloomed into this ball of happiness and never-ending smiles and laughs. When she walks into class a great big bright light surrounds her. She has become a regular in the Saturday boxing fitness classes and an intricate part of the team.

“Theresa at EnVision Train is unlike any trainer I have ever worked with before. She will push you hard to better yourself but will also embrace you in a motherly sense.

I came to Theresa in April 2017, after being referred to her by a mutual friend. I had been dealing with a lot in life that literally broke me down, and I needed an outlet to my health and heartache; she was my answer.

In the last 2 years, I have trained with Theresa, she has been there to help me lose my excuses, as well as weight and grow substantially through confidence, self-love, and passion for life. “

She is not just a trainer, but someone who saw something in me as a person, not just a client, that could be molded into someone I always wanted to be, I just needed that helping hand!

Whitney Laventure

“Today through her help and guidance, I have changed my nutrition and mindset allowing me to engage actively in class, laugh with those I have created friendships within the class and shed weight while gaining a new outlook on life!”

Whitney Laventure, EnVision Train Client

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