Is The Pitcher Half Full or Half Empty?

You may not think this is really all that important, but how you look at this could really help you reach your goals. I have some clients that see nothing but how far they have to go. And others see how far they have come and can visualize the finish line (goal).

If you look at the pitcher, or anything for that matter, as half empty, how apt are you to only look at how far you have to go? And how daunting does that look? It can feel like it is so hard to even try to get there so why keep trying. (HALF EMPTY) At this point, the task, whether it be weight loss, muscle building, business building, or even training for an upcoming event, seems so daunting so many people give up and say or think ‘Why even bother?’.

Now, if you’re looking at that pitcher as half full, you can see how far you’ve come, believe that you can keep going and finish this. Your attitude is more of ‘I have come this far, I am NOT giving up now!’.  At this point, you can visualize that finish line or goal you’ve set, and your heart, mind, body goes to work to finish or hit that mark. For an athlete, as soon as they can see the finish line you get an extra surge of energy.

There are actual scientific studies that show the body releases more energy, more endorphins, and drive that pushes us towards that end goal. But you must get there for it to kick in. I have personally felt this in running a half marathon, finishing sprint triathlons, getting in the ring to spar, hitting goals in my business and even running local 5Ks. But to do that, to feel that surge, you must be able to see how far you have come, be grateful for it and continue to move forward not sabotaging yourself in the process.

What about the lemons and the ice cubes in the pitcher you ask? Well, as I see it, they are changes you must make along the way to help raise the level. Ice cubes melt, just like sometimes, along your journey, things stop working as they did, the water changes in temperature and you have to add more. In the same way, lemons flavor the water causing a change in taste.  For instance, you lift a weight that was once too heavy and it becomes easy, you run a certain distance and it is no longer a challenge or you hit a milestone goal in your business you’ve been aiming at for a long time. In this case, it’s time to reevaluate and change something up to push you forward, challenge you more, and get your closer to your goals. The changes you make equal Lemons and Ice cubes!

For me? I won’t lie, I have a day here and there that the goals I’ve set seem so far away. But my pitcher is ALWAYS half full and completely refillable. Now, go slice up some lemons, get out the ice cubes and fill up that pitcher!

The Space

You know how once you find a car on the lot that you love and think no one has it because you’ve never even noticed them before only to drive off the lot and see them everywhere? Like by some form of magic they have all suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I am having something similar but different happening.

About 6 weeks ago my mom told me about a contest that Chip Gaines (from Fixer Upper) was holding, Chipstarter 2.0. Look it up, it is such a cool thing. In a nutshell, people submit a 2-minute video with their dream, a business plan, and other info. The winners are being chosen this very weekend. Nope, I didn’t’ make the cut to get to this point. But it’s ok. At least I got the ball rolling.

Now, since I wrote my dream of having our own space for a gym on paper, I cannot stop thinking about it. And every space I enter that has ‘the feel’ I see in my head all I do is look at the space and dream. By the time I am actually looking for a space, I will know exactly what I’m looking for. Which could go either way and be a good thing or a bad thing.  For now, I’ll just find all these perfect spaces and keep dreaming and working my way to get there.

My point here is, write it down! Whatever it is you dream about, write it down. Put it ‘out there’ and see what happens.

The Repeat Outfit

GASP! 2 weeks ago I wore the same outfit to a magazine release I am in (still pinching myself on this one) as I wore to my 50th surprise birthday party 5 months ago. I know, I know <hands to my face> appalling, isn’t it?

Recently I’ve been looking around my house and thinking, what can I get rid of, why do we still have that, what purpose other than collecting dust and taking up space does this or that have any longer? And then thinking ‘WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THERESA’! Theresa who ‘wanted’ so much stuff. Theresa who took so much pride in decorating and having cute things sitting around, changing them up season to season, holiday to holiday and always wanting something new? Theresa who always wanted new clothes. Hmmmm….what happened to that girl?

How did something like a repeat outfit in 5 months to 2 big events in my life happen to the girl who had to have a new outfit for everything at one point in her life. To now putting this in digital form, I’ve wore it AGAIN to the fights one weekend and another time as well…I didn’t die, no one even noticed and sheesh, who really cares anyway?

To answer that, we have to back up 2.5 years ago when I left my job of 28 years. To be honest, I took a severance by choice, on purpose, having no idea if following my dreams and passions would work out or not other than ‘it just felt right’. My dad was probably screaming at me from heaven yelling ‘Don’t you dare do that’. But I couldn’t hear it.  Was it the right time? Has it been amazing, YES! Am I where I thought I would be in 22 months, NO.
But in the process, some pretty wonderful things have taken place…..

  1. More quality time with my husband and daughter.
  2. Learning to do with less….less stuff, less stress, less alarm clock, less clothes and less money.
  3. More…….of so many other things I love. The first and foremost is TIME! More time, more love, more sleep, more quality, more appreciation, more conversation, more learning and growth, more early mornings by CHOICE, more depth, more impact, more attention, more lunch dates….more FREEDOM in every way.

So was the timing right? Absolutely YES! Even though it doesn’t look exactly like I thought it was going to look.

Back to looking around to see what we can get rid of. I asked my husband if I can sell the bakers rack. (It came into out marriage with him so I had to ask) He said no. ‘OK why?’ was my response. He said he likes it. Alright I get that.
But now it has me thinking deeper….
-What are we or am I, holding onto just because? And not just in things, but in life, mindsets, feelings, beliefs, emotions and more? Just because what? Because at one time any of these things served me in some way or I was conditioned in some way?
-Am I at a place that I can let go of those things that no longer serve me?
-What can I now let go of to move forward to have more space in life for greater things?
-Is it really so bad repeating an outfit? NO, especially a good one!

What do you have that you no longer have a need to hold onto that is just holding you back from the next step or next level in your life, relationship, business or connection with God? It’s shocking what can get in the way over time and we don’t even realize it.

I challenge you to take a look around your home, inside your head and heart and ask yourself a few questions….
1. What purpose does this serve?
2. Can I do without it?
3. How is holding onto this or that holding me back in some way?
4. Is it just taking up space or do I really need it?
5. Do I even use it? (hint…if you have to ask this question, the answer is NO)
6. Can I let go of it and move forward?

By doing this you just might be able to create some more space in your life for new experiences, growth and room to move around a little better. And, if you’re like me, you’ll try to sell what you can at a yard sale and make a few extra bucks to take on vacation with your spouse and do that excursion you wouldn’t have normally done.

Nutrition, Food, and Me

First of all, I want to say I am not a nutritionist nor am I a certified health coach. I am, however, a woman who has fought her weight and body image all her life. I have found tools that work for me and hundreds of thousands of others. I’ve found snacks and foods to balance out the ‘let’s get real we all actually live life foods’. You know, we all have birthdays, anniversaries, summer cookouts, picnics, holidays and everything in between. And some of us like carbs and breads more than others too.

I should have prefaced this with I am a super simple eater. I am not in the 1-2% of people who will eat totally clean ALL THE TIME but tend to stay in the 80% range, which I think is completely doable for people if they really try. Convenience for me is king as well as being a way of self-care because otherwise, it’s just too easy to go to foods that do not serve me. If it isn’t convenient then I probably will stay away from it other than occasional times that I actually feel like cooking. Like just now I made a bangin’ meatloaf. I have found that convenience is kind of important when it comes to people sticking to a plan or system. Otherwise, people will give it a go for a while but when life hits, and it will, they return to their old habits and a lot of times things go downhill from there. My goal is to help people have some simple convenient ‘hacks’ to help them stay the course when life hits. We all stray off that course here and there but having simple things to go back to makes it much easier to course correct.

If I post something that doesn’t seem convenient it’s either something that doesn’t happen often or it’s made by a friend and you’ll find all the credit given to them in the post. Speaking of, if you are one of those types that love to cook and cook different things I will introduce you to my good friend Whitney Laventure. She is a chef and makes some of the most amazing healthy meals. She even has a page on facebook dedicated to it as well as a cookbook in the works.

I will share what has worked for me, what sort of works for me at times and even what doesn’t work for me. Take it or leave it and do what works for you. 😊

Please remember, every BODY is different, every BODY looks different, every BODY is built differently and every BODY reacts differently to foods, exercise, situations, stress, and emotions at any given time. And don’t even get me started on stress and the effects that has on the human body. We will talk about that in a post in the near future.

Lastly, I will never preach that I have all the answers or that ‘my way’ is the only best way known to man….that would simply be a lie. I am also always open to suggestions and conversation is always open for discussion.

Just Jump Already

When I was a preteen, I had a huge crush on a boy named Jeff. Our moms were friends, so I ended up hanging out with him and his brother a lot for a season. We played Atari (yes, I know I just totally dated myself) for hours on end crushing money rounds of Pacman, Miss Pacman, and Donkey Kong. They had an indoor pool and hidden passageways throughout this amazing house. I’m not quite sure if my ‘crush’ was just on Jeff or on all the cool things he had in life.

Jeff and his brother were the only 2 boys, other than my cousins, that I remember my mom being ok with me hanging out with. So, in the Summer I was allowed to run around their neighborhood with them. I remember 1 day in particular clear as the sun is shining right now. We came to a bridge over water, a high bridge. Jeff and his brother climbed up on the edge and looked at me as I stood frozen in disbelief realizing what was happening. They said ‘Come on Theresa, let’s jump’. My immediate thought was that they cannot be serious, have they lost their minds? But sure enough, they turned around and both jumped! Remember at this point I am basically frozen. For a split second my mind was racing to catch up with what just happened as this bridge was not over a small creek (or crik as we say here in Lancaster), and then I heard screaming and laughter from below. Up the hill, they came and to the edge of the bridge again. But this time each one grabbed one of my hands and said ‘come on, you’re jumping too. You’ll love it’. I think I may have stopped breathing altogether for a second and in the next second thought, what if I die. (dramatic preteen girl)

After about 10 1-2-3s Jeff yelled ‘Just jump already!’, and away we went. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. We jumped, again and again, each time it became less and less scary, each time I became more and more confident and felt free. *side note, this is the very first time I remember stepping out of my comfort zone. And in all honesty, I was sort of pulled out of it. But in my book, it counts nonetheless.

Too bad I didn’t continue doing that very thing of stepping outside my comfort zone until the last few years. I’ve learned when you step out it can be scary, fun and you feel free, free to experience so much more in life with a much greater passion for it.

So, next time you get the chance………count 1-2-3 and JUST JUMP ALREADY!!!!

I own a network marketing business.

(GASP, I know.)

  No really, some people will look at you funny, judge you (why I don’t know or understand) and think you’re going to breathe down their neck and try to sell them something if you belong to a network marketing company. <insert major eye roll here>

For me, I didn’t have any aversion to it at all. I knew my friends had parties of all sorts but I never knew what it was really all about. And I certainly didn’t know they made money….sometimes big money! Why no one ever sat me down strapped to a chair until I got this is beyond me.

I am not here to tell you about what products I have and how they would help you in so many ways. Ask me and I’ll fill you in according to your needs and desires. But what I do want to tell you about is what this network marketing business of mine has done for me. It starts with one simple word, DREAM. Yes, dreaming….from daydreams to forcing myself to think bigger and imagine what life could be like, what I really desire it to look like and then envision that so deeply that it’s imprinted into my soul so that my soul will go to work to make it happen. This website you’re on right now would have never even been built if it wasn’t for a dream.

The classes or sessions you may take or will take one day (hint hint) would have never come to life without a dream. And that dream would never have really taken shape without my network marketing business. I have learned that network marketing is really a self-development journey with a really amazing compensation plan (depending on the company of course).  It encourages you to look at things differently and challenge the status quo, to think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone, to grow both yourself and your dreams….all while impacting others lives for the better. Now, who doesn’t want all of that?? Is it simple? Yes! Is it easy? No. Just like anything else, it takes work, drive, persistence, and consistency. But, that DREAM… has and is changing everything.

I am tired and I know it

-Cue the music to the I’m Sexy and I Know It song by LMAFO.

Did you sing it in your head? Of course, you did….so did I writing it.

Have you ever been cruising along through life, things are going well, business is picking up and WHAM…you feel like a truck hit you? And I don’t mean feeling sick. I mean tired TIRED. Tired with a full calendar. Tired with the drive in your heart of I don’t want to slow down even for a week mentality. Tired but continually trying to get up earlier and thinking ‘wait, when was the last time I slept in or even slept until 7 am?  Yep, this was me the last couple weeks. Oh and I forgot to mention tired and not getting my everyday HAVE TOs accomplished because of it. #fail

Years ago I would have never scheduled anything in the morning because sleep was #1. So much so that a friend used to call me at 8 am on the weekends to talk and I always contemplated not answering. She was always so chipper and talkative and I think I pretty much slept through most of our conversations…..literally. (Sorry Billy Jo!) And back to bed, I would go.

Right now it’s get up, wake up and go. Go meaning do some personal development, do the dishes, catch up on texts, see what clients are in today, go pee, brush my teeth, decide if I’m going to wash my hair today, tomorrow or the next day, make a shake, work on sessions & workouts, head to a meeting or a workout…..the list can go on and on. And this is in the first half hour to an hour a lot of times. Fortunately, my brain is up and firing first thing in the morning. But not when my sleep tank is deprived and running on empty.

So, back to the last couple weeks. Working for yourself you learn to hustle. That means clients, networking events, late nights working when your husband is on night shift….basically fitting as much into your schedule as possible. And things start to happen! Which is good, right? YES! But pushing off the self-care category of sleep will catch up to you and drag you down quick if you’re not paying attention to it. Which is what happened to me. I don’t get sick very often but I do seem to get to the point of exhaustion and almost feel sick without actually having a virus or anything of the sort. The answer, give in to the self-care sleep.

It’s a struggle to say NO at times. But finding your NO buzzer can be the difference between momentum or decline. Unfortunately, I have been learning this the hard way. This goes for anything in life….business, workouts, relationships, marriage, life in general. This week I forced myself to back out of 2 networking events and scheduled, that’s right SCHEDULED, sleep in times in my calendar. Canceling was hard, but I looked at those words SLEEP IN on Sunday’s page all the time. As luck would have it my sleep in day also fell on daylight savings day (fall). So, I not only slept in this morning but was still up by 7:30 am. Score one for my hustle side.

What did I learn through all of this? Not to deprive myself of sleep, saying no is not the end of the world and it’s ok to cancel sometimes. Life will go on and there will be more events to attend.

I must say I felt a little FOMO (fear of missing out) during and after both events, but it was totally worth it.


Embracing Chaos to Finding Peace

Today I cleaned, I mean REALLY CLEANED my house for the first time in, geez, I can’t remember how long. Don’t judge, it’s not like we were living in filth or anything, but I have gotten so wrapped up in everything else in the last year or so that I felt guilty taking time to just….clean. I know, I know, that sounds stupid and like an excuse, right? But it’s really not. Literally, even social media has gotten more attention than my home. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of others like me too.

Now I feel the need to mention that this has not always been the case. I used to have a seriously clean house. Like you could eat off the floor kind of clean. Somewhere along the line between leaving my job to peruse my dreams, working out, doing personal development, running (or trying to run) two businesses and of course the almighty social media, I lost my inner cleaning lady. I bet you’re thinking ‘Why not just hire a cleaning service’, right? And to that I will say I have honestly thought about it because I would rather be at the gym, networking, helping others or spending time with my family. But I guess I don’t feel like I’ve achieved ‘cleaning service status’ as of yet. If that’s even a thing.  So because I don’t have a ‘normal’ 9-5 job one would think that I ‘should’ have time to clean or maybe because I am not as far along in my businesses as I want to be that I just don’t feel like I deserve that perk yet. <insert eye roll here> Why do we do this kind of thing to ourselves. Should I really have to justify it?

Back to cleaning and listening to Rachel Hollis’ book Girl Wash Your Face. (Which if you haven’t read or listened to it yet, you are so missing out. Stop reading this now, open Amazon, order it and then come back)

Cleaning to me is like a form of therapy or a bunch of little popping clarity bubbles happening all over the place. Some call them breakthroughs but personally clarity popping bubbles sounds so much more exciting and real to me. We all have that thing that helps us think without overthinking, cleaning happens to be mine. (You would think I would do more of it.) Clarity is important in life and business, in everything really. If you cannot slow down long enough in all the chaos of life, clarity will seem like a pink unicorn you are always looking for but can never find. And that is just frustrating, we start taking it out on the ones we love, making mistakes and things can end up in shambles quick.  Where do you find your clarity? In taking a walk, a run, meditation, reading, cleaning, throwing away the never-ending list of lists? Whatever it is, do that more! Think of it as your yellow brick road to clarity and do it so much more often that your mind feels clear more than not. (and let me know if you find that pink unicorn too)

So, what were my popping clarity bubbles in this therapy cleaning sesh today?

  1. I need to clean more (Obviously)
  2. Instead of thinking about it, I just need to hire a cleaning service and be done with it.
  3. I was kind of hard on my husband last night about something and I need to fix that as soon as he gets home.
  4. That if Rachel Hollis was my neighbor we would be the best of friends.
  5. That while I preach to others all the time about giving themselves grace, I tend to forget about doing that very thing to the person in the mirror. You know, the amazing woman doing incredible things who feels guilty wanting to celebrate them. Geesh…how did that happen? Maybe the answer to that one will come in another clarity pop in a future cleaning session.
  6. I’m feeling guilty, not enough and all those things I shouldn’t be that I am cleaning instead of being at the gym or in my office organizing my never-ending lists of things to do and agonizing over how do I organize and keep track of everything to run a successful business and help others.

Finally 7. That I AM CLEANING!!! Which even though there is #6, I must be finding some sort of balance and being good with all I’ve been doing instead of feeling like I never do enough.

Now, back to cleaning and clarity bubbles. I guess embracing the chaos, learning to somehow do it all in my own way and finding peace in all of it boils down to one thing…HOW WE DO LIFE.