We believe in creating an uplifting and encouraging environment where everyone feels empowered and successful from the moment they walk through the door. cropped-envisiontraintransparentlogo-1.png We know that boosting your physical fitness level has such a positive influence on your life and we want working hard and self-improvement to be both gratifying and enjoyable.

Our goal is to provide you the best training we can, learn how we can help you achieve your goals, get you results and create an experience different than you may have experienced thus far. Myself and my team truly care about you inside and outside the gym. Many great friendships are cultivated in the gym and a level of trust and confidentiality is required for this to happen. You will find that here. Our training is not limited to the hour(s) you are with us. We will check in on you throughout the week and provide a level of accountability to what you require, whether that be none or a ‘yes please check in with me’.

Whether it’s through the boxing fitness, personal training, or group classes, we provide a sanctuary where life’s frustrations can be released in a positive manner and atmosphere. EnVision Train is a place where you can let your guard down, work hard and feel confident. You can have fun and develop new relationships with others on a similar path. 

If you are looking for something DIFFERENT…..we’ve got it, come on in. If you are hitting that age where your kids are grown, almost grown or maybe you’re an empty nester and you feel it’s now time for YOU again, come on in. If you think, ‘Can I really get my body back in shape’ but have no clue where to start, come on in and I’ll show you how together we can get you moving again and feeling amazing again. You never know, maybe you’ll end up creating some new goals you never imagined you would.

From beginner to seasoned athlete, you’ll receive the workout of your week. Don’t allow ‘being new’ be your excuse and stop you from trying something new.



In the Beginning of September we were given an amazing opportunity to Consolidate and bring everything we offer under one roof. So we did exactly that! EnVision Train Fitness Studio is now open! Our home for everything is now located at 274A Granite Run Drive, Lancaster PA.

As of right now it’s business as usual with personal training, group training and boxing fitness classes. Please contact us for personal or group trainings and check out the boxing fitness page for days and times of classes.In the near future we will be bringing more… More boxing fitness classes for you to choose from, more group trainings and other exciting classes too!Feel free to follow us on our Facebook page For updates on all exciting changes to come.



If you’ve never taken a BOXING FITNESS class with us, then November is your month. We invite you to come try 2 BOXING FITNESS classes for half price. That’s $5.00 for each class.

If you haven’t been in to see us in over 3 months, we extend the same pricing for you to stop back in. 

November is also BRING A GUEST MONTH. If you bring a guest that has never joined us for a class, both you and your guest get in for half price! We are excited to share the ULTIMATE WORKOUT EXPERIENCE with you and your guests.

“You’ll learn the basics, hit the bags, hit the mitts, do a variety of other conditioning exercises, meet others working on their fitness, smile, laugh and sweat of course!!”

“Working out with Theresa is so much fun, she knows how to push you and sees potential in you that you don’t see in yourself at the time. Whether it’s one on one personal training or boxing with a full class, Theresa finds time to make every experience you have with her… personal.”

“You’ll realize she gets a kick out of making you sore but you’ll keep coming back because of how great you feel and look afterward.”

“After 3 boxing classes and one personal training session — my clothes started to feel different. Theresa is the one-stop-shop when it comes to wanting to make a positive change in your life.” ~Marline Orelien


Why Boxing Fitness?

The importance of exercise in our active lifestyles today is becoming more and more important. People are learning how exercise is not only physical, but it has a huge impact on our emotional well-being, our mindset, stress levels, health and so much more.

But how do you choose what is right for you when there is a myriad of programs, gyms, YouTube videos, weight machines, free weights and more out there to choose from? And do I choose lifting weights, cardio, functional training, group fitness classes or do my own thing because there’s just so much to choose from? All of these come into question when dipping your toes in the fitness realm. One way to train all of the above is with a Boxing Style Workout. But why? Read More...

From a recent new client:

I started personal training with Theresa because there was no way I was going to a gym. I’ve never been a traditional gym person and after meeting Theresa at a ladies networking meeting, I knew she was the one I’d feel comfortable working out in front of.”

Read more about our clients’ results!