Personal Training

Private or small group personal training provides the highest levels of personal training experience available.

You will receive personalized workouts designed for your goals and fitness level. Whether you want the dedicated one-on-one time with a trainer, or you and a couple friends want to go together and train in a more private setting geared to push you harder than a big group setting, look into scheduling your appointment today.

Personal training – $50/hour or $30/half hour (by appointment)

Small group training – (by appointment)
2 people – $30each/hr
3-5 people – $25 each/hr

New Small Group Training classes available* –
*Please contact for availability as spaces are limited to keep the small group feel and still provide a personal training touch.

  • You will receive one on one training tailored to you and your specific needs and goals and we guarantee that you will have the trainer’s undivided attention from beginning to end.
  • You can choose from traditional fitness training, boxing or a combination of the two.
  • We will work on your specific goals, both short and long term, and will periodically measure progress and adjust our plan as needed.

Please be sure to openly disclose any physical challenges, injuries past or present that may require modifications.

“Theresa is very motivational, she knows just how far to push you even when you think you can’t keep going. She has you reaching new peaks. She never gives up on you, even when you’re not training with her she’s checking in on you making sure you’re keeping up. She introduces you to new methods to help with your weight and fitness goals.”

Roseline Charles

Virtual Workouts

In this time of uncertainty, we want to give you a space to stay in touch with our EnVision Train community while continuing to workout from home. We are tailoring workouts to fit your needs.

  1. BAGFIT for those with a bag at home to continue your boxing fitness workouts.
  2. CARDIOCORE will be a shadowboxing workout with Core work.
  3. COREFIT will concentrate specifically on your core.
  4. BODYWEIGHT will be workouts using your body only.
  5. TRAIN will incorporate weights and other equipment a lot of people tend to have around the house.
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