EnVision Train Fitness was created from a vision that Coach Theresa acknowledges was laid on her heart several years ago. 

It took years to come to fruition, but it’s quickly becoming so much more than even she imagined.

It all started when a friend introduced her to a boxing class knowing she needed to hit something. And, just coming out of a bad relationship, her friend was right. Over the course of that year Theresa says that she ‘unpacked’ so much baggage on the heavy bags, targets and through the classes…she was hooked, and so was her love for fitness. 

As that boxing program wound down at the gym, she became a Les Mills Body Combat instructor and taught the program at various local gyms for the next 8-9 years. Never losing sight of her love for boxing, she poured all her technique experience into that class to help others authentically get the best workout possible. At the same time, she kept one foot in the ring, continuing to hone her skills. Still, there was always a feeling tugging at her heart to get back to the boxing fitness, so she did.

Leaving corporate America in 2016 and becoming a personal trainer… started her “EnVision train” in motion. Theresa’s tenure in corporate gyms exposed her to people who just felt like they didn’t belong in a gym, didn’t fit in with the clientele and those who felt like they weren’t seen, heard or helped in the way they needed to be. Her desire to remedy this became the 3 pillars of EnVision Train…

EnVision Train’s mission is to make sure everyone feels encouraged, supported and welcomed, to provide modifications for anyone who needs it, so they never feel left out or not a part of the group, and to provide top notch training for each client. 

Theresa’s vision has allowed her to create a space where clients can:

  • Engage with a supportive fitness community
  • Make new friends with common goals
  • Safely de-stress in a non-judgemental space
  • Increase your fitness game
  • Make lifestyle changes that create health and weight loss with accountability and support

EnVision Train strives to be the place you want to go to workout and where time flies and when you’re finished with your workout, you can’t believe it


Theresa Fackler: Owner/Operator of EnVision Train Fitness, LLC.
Coach Theresa (affectionately known as Coach T or T) was the girl who hated to sweat and didn’t even really start working out until about 36 years old. FACT: She didn’t own a pair of sneakers when she started her own fitness and weight loss journey. Coach T teaches four of the six classes a week currently held at EnVision and is responsible for all personal training.

Her classes are….

Wednesday 5:30-7:00pm

Thursdays 9:30-10:30am and 6:45-7:45pm

Saturday morning 8:30-9:30am

Personal training sessions by appointment only.

Meet Chuck: Her husband Chuck is the backbone of EnVision Train. Much of what you see in the studio is his handy work. As Theresa likes to say, he makes her visions, dreams, and ideas happen. 

Meet Allyssa: Her daughter, Coach Allyssa, has become one of the coaches, as well as helps with just about anything that needs done in the studio. 

Meet Greg: Coach Greg is not only a coach… but a true friend… and the heaviest lifter on the team. We don’t just mean in lifting weights… Greg jumps in to help at a moments notice and keeps the studio equipment running like a well-oiled machine. From original set up, to renovations to cleaning days, he’s always helping out. He also checks on the bags, chains, and other equipment to ensure its in tip top shape for your safety.

Welcome Melissa Binder, the newest addition to the coaching team. Melissa brings a new set of eyes and fun to classes. Currently she’s taken over Thursday night’s Ladies Only Night. But you’ll also see her taking and helping out with other classes too. Little known fun fact: Theresa and Melissa had the very same original  coach teaching them about boxing. They were just at totally different timeframes. 

Theresa, the team, and the EnVision Train client family… all together supports a clean, safe, and growing fitness center. This has been part of Theresa’s dream….one that isn’t about her, but IS about everyone working together to impact each other’s lives.

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