Client Testimonials

I’ve only done one class but I signed up for 10 other classes so far! I felt very welcomed the minute I walked in and talked to Theresa and the other members. This is a real judgement free zone, finally found a place to get back into physical activity and actually enjoy it. Can’t wait for the next class! – Katie Moore

I wish I had more time to add to my workout routine. Nonetheless, the boxing classes that I’m able to attend are worth it and the cost you just can’t beat it especially when your on a budget. I absolutely get a sweaty workout and twice a week a 30 minutes training with the personal trainer. The workouts are great!!!!!! The facility is clean and the people are friendly and welcoming. – Carmeletta Harris

Theresa and Greg are the best! You get an intense workout and Theresa works with you to make sure you are improving your form. You can be a beginner, intermediate, or proficient and will still get a workout and learn. I look forward to every Saturday! – Cheri Palmer

It’s rare to find a place that is so accepting when it comes to working out but this place makes you feel accepted! It’s such a great atmosphere and the trainers really make you feel super comfortable while at the same time giving you an amazing work out! I would give this place 10 stars if I could! – Alla Brennan

I love Envision so much! Coach Greg and Theresa are AMAZING. Great atmosphere, fun environment, and challenging workouts (in the best way)! – Katie Wilson

Theresa is an exceptional mentor. It’s very clear that she has such an immense strive and passion that shines through. I feel like class has helped me gain a stronger sense of self. It’s truly priceless and I’m very thankful. – Danielle Johnson

Theresa’s boxing class is more than just a fitness class to me, it has become a sanctuary where life’s frustrations can be released in such a positive manner and atmosphere. The friendships that I have established, and the boost in my physical fitness level have been such a positive influence in my life. Theresa has a unique way involving every client and giving them a personalized experience. Her energy is contagious which makes working hard feel that much more gratifying, and self improvement becomes easy and enjoyable. – Jaime Ames

Theresa is quite simply an awesome coach!  Theresa has been my boxing coach for almost a year and my personal trainer for about 4 months. I see her 3 times a week . My workouts are consistently challenging  and varied.  Theresa builds on previous training sessions to make sure I am always moving forward while keeping things fresh and interesting. She is constantly assessing my performance and knows just the right amount to push me ahead towards my goals. At the end of each workout I am amazed at what I have accomplished. I know I would never push myself as far on my own and always leave my workouts exhausted but with a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Correct form is very important to Theresa and she pays close attention , making corrections as needed to avoid injury. This is incredibly helpful and I have happily had no injuries to date.     Theresa inspires a comfortable relationship with her clients. She is open, approachable and sensitive to their needs as well as always being ready to answer questions and offer advice. It is obvious she truly loves what she does, and is a most upbeat and positive person. Her enthusiasm is contagious.     I am so happy to have Theresa as my coach. I have gotten much more fit and so much stronger since I have been working with her. While I still have a long way to go to meet my goals I feel better than I have in years and feel like I am on my way. – Anne Hopkins

Theresa is very motivational, she knows just how far to push you even when you think you can’t keep going. She has you reaching new peaks. She never gives up on you, even when you’re not training with her she’s checking in on you making sure you’re keeping up. She introduces you to new methods to help with your weight and fitness goals. – Roseline Charles

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I was introduced to Theresa about 3 years ago by a mutual friend. I went to my first class with her in Envision Training-Boxing conditioning, and from that first night I was hooked. When you first go to her class she makes you feel welcomed. When you continue going to Theresa’s class you can see her passion in wanting to bring out the best in you. Envision Training-Boxing Conditioning is more than hitting a bag, it is total body conditioning. Envision strengthens your mind, by helping you gain confidence in yourself, it strengthens your body by doing cardio and strength exercises. Theresa makes keeping fit fun and exciting. She is easy to talk to, friendly and offers a warm welcome to everyone. – Greg Ritter

It’s not everyday that you come across someone that encompasses a true genuine heart. We all know one when we see one, and when you meet Theresa Fackler, I have no doubt you will see it too. Theresa is so passionate about helping you in any way she can to become a better version of yourself whether it is through physical activity or just grabbing lunch to catch up. I’ve been boxing with Theresa for about a year and half now and four years prior to that with other trainers. When you train(box) with Theresa you can feel the energy and passion as she always pushes you to do be better. In boxing, it’s all about form and technique. She emphasizes improvements while being gracious in her command, and as you will see, it all comes from her passion to help. Boxing class is not what most people think….It’s a little bit of circuit work and a little bit of pain in the ass drills…It’s a little bit of focus mitts and a little bit of “all outs” on a bag. Boxing is not “for” a particular age, gender, race, or any other differentiating factor. It’s for anyone, going through anything, there’s no other way to explain it. Those that value and appreciate the sport of boxing, welcome the inexperienced, and that’s who we are as a class, because that’s what Theresa built. Trying her class was a decision that I will forever thank myself for, and the reason I continue to go back.- Rachel Sollenberger

I’m not new to fitness, but I am new to personal training and group boxing classes. I used to be a runner but after 2 back surgeries and most recently knee surgery and neck and lower back issues, I have found myself pretty out of shape and in need of some help. I started personal training with Theresa because there was no way I was going to a gym. I’ve never been a traditional gym person and after meeting Theresa at a ladies networking meeting, I knew she was the one I’d feel comfortable working out in front of. – Aimee McGrath

This was my first time taking a boxing class and it is HANDS DOWN the best out of any workout class I’ve ever taken. (And I’ve taken a lot) Theresa is fun, energetic, compassionate but knows how to push you when you need it. The group of people I met today were unbelievable and all rock stars! If you want one heck of a workout and a great group to lift you up and encourage you.. this is the class! – Brittany Garner

Teacher, Coach, Mentor, and Friend…Theresa brings a multi-faceted background to her extensive career as a physical trainer. She has the experience, knowledge, and skills required to evaluate, guide, and develop a caring and successful regime I have been training with Theresa for four years in her boxing class beginning when I was 72, and had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I have been fortunate to have been actively involved in athletic pursuits my entire life, and so to think that was all coming to an end was unnerving and unacceptable. What I found in Theresa, was a caring guide and a supportive mentor that allowed me to find my place in this new world. I feel so fortunate to have found a person that has both knowledge and a caring soul. In addition to her career inside the gym, Theresa has made it her personal mission to be involved as a dedicated volunteer in organizations that help those in need across the spectrum of the human condition. –T. dePaul

I met Theresa at a networking event for female entrepreneurs and was instantly drawn to her outgoing personality and energy. We already had a lot in common but I wasn’t really in need of an additional workout. However, we were looking for something that my husband might benefit from so he and I went to a Saturday morning boxing class. I consider myself pretty active and I was still pretty sure I might die after that first class. But we loved it! We loved it so much, we brought our boys with us and now it is something we do together as a family. Theresa is not only passionate and energetic about transforming people’s lives from the inside out, but she is excellent at what she does. She is professional, she will kick your butt, but you will come back for more because you just can’t help it. – Kris Smith

Working out with Theresa is so much fun, she knows how to push you and sees potential in you that you don’t see in yourself at the time. Whether it’s one on one personal training or boxing with a full class, Theresa finds time to make every experience you have with her… personal. You’ll realize she gets a kick out of making you sore but you’ll keep coming back because of how great you feel and look afterward. After 3 boxing classes and one personal training session — my clothes started to feel different. Theresa is the one-stop-shop when it comes to wanting to make a positive change in your life.” Marline Orelien

I love working with Theresa!  As a seventy-year-old woman recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I was encouraged to try boxing—who knew it would be so much fun!  Theresa encourages and challenges me.  She keeps the workouts lively and varied.  I feel great every time I train.  Thank you, Theresa! – Professor Carole Counihan

Theresa is unlike any trainer I have ever worked with before. She will push you hard to better yourself but will also embrace you in a motherly sense. I came to Theresa in April 2017, after being referred to her by a mutual friend. I had been dealing with a lot in life that literally broke me down, and I needed an outlet to my health and heartache; she was my answer.     In the last 2 years I have trained with Theresa, she has been there to help me lose my excuses, as well as weight and grow substantially through confidence, self-love and passion for life. She is not just a trainer, but someone who saw something in me as a person, not just a client, that could be molded into someone I always wanted to be, I just needed that helping hand!  her help and guidance, I have changed my nutrition and mindset allowing me to engage actively in class, laugh with those I have created friendships with in the class, and shed weight while gaining a new outlook on life! – Whitney Laventure

Theresa’s coaching is exquisite! She knows exactly how to get every ounce of power out of our strikes – Melody Baxter

Theresa is the most motivating, dedicated, hard-working and passionate person I have ever met. These qualities are part of personality and resonate not only in the gym but in personal, family and friends life too – Rochelle Meiskey

As a seasoned fitness instructor I continually search for new ways to train, challenge and grow in my overall physical performance. Teaching an MMA based program has allowed me to top into different martial arts, however, there is an amazing value in working 1on1 with someone who will ask from me what I ask from others. Opening up to a coach like Theresa has taken me to a whole new lever of strength, endurance, focus and performance. My boxing specific skills have had amazing improvements. Committing to a coach gives me that extra drive and push because I KNOW she will not let me fail – Keyla Salas

I have to say that after only one boxing training session with Theresa, I was hooked (no pun intended)! I was truly amazed at how much I was able to learn in only one hour, from hitting, to breathing and even footwork. I promise if you give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! – Andrea Keith

Theresa has a contagious, empowering energy that comes through in all she does. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first walked into that boxing class the first time. I didn’t know anyone but was welcomed into the class like I was one of the “regulars”. Everyone was so helpful to this newbie. That type of camaraderie happens as a result of the environment built by the class instructor. I was encouraged throughout the class and pushed to do my personal best. After class I was not “out of sight, out of mind”. Theresa kept in touch to follow up and see how I was feeling. What a dedicated trainer!  –Crystal Roudolf

My experience with personal trainers, and others who make their living in the fitness space had always been lackluster at best. Personal training, as a stereotype, has become a haven for college kids, fitness junkies, and some who truly mean well but can’t quite put together the whole package to impact others lives in a positive way.To spend time with Theresa is to realize a person who truly wants to invest in your betterment. She brings value to my family in a variety of ways every time we interact. If you are seeking a unique community based approach to improving yourself, I suggest you make time to talk with Theresa ASAP – Shamus Smith

My wife and I have been working out for a long time, most of it just working out with weights with friends or on our own doing our own workouts. It was working fine and we were doing great when we were in our 20’s and even in our 30’s. Well we are not in our 20’s and 30’sanymore.My wife and I have been talking about trying a personal trainer but the ones we tried in the past were crazy expensive and we felt like they were just cookie cutting our workouts judging us and not really interesting in what they were doing. They never really asked us what our goals are or if we have any restrictions medically they just started us on a work out. It was fine but nothing really great. Then we met Theresa; my wife started with her doing a boxing class. My wife has never done anything like boxing before and absolutely loved it. She said the class was fun and Theresa kept everything moving and really upbeat. We then found out she does personal training so we signed up for a session. It was amazing, hard and she really pushed us, but amazing. My wife and I are sticklers for getting places on time and even early. Theresa was all set and ready to go waiting for us!! That was a big plus for us right off the bat, it meant she was serious and not just looking at it like another class. She discussed what she does and if we have any issues; another plus for Theresa!! Without going into any great detail my wife had some medical issues a few years ago and because of that she has to be careful about what she does, Theresa understood and was ready.The workout was fun and she really kept us moving. She would push us so we did not take it easy but she always knew just when to say, “Okay take a break.” I never felt like Theresa was judging or looking down at us for being beginners at cross-fit workouts.  There were three of in the class and somehow Theresa kept track of everything and knew what each person was doing and what they needed to do next. The workout was really diverse and interesting a good vigorous cross training workout, something I was not used to.  But Theresa kept me going and would not let me go too easy on myself, which I tend to do. We are fairly new with Theresa but so far it has been the best workouts either of us has ever had. It was an awesome well balanced session that kept us interested and moving so the hour went by super-fast. Not only does Theresa know what she is doing but she can DO IT ALL and make it look really easy. Her attitude is what really makes the difference, you can tell she really loves what she is doing and she loves helping others be the best they can be. She is amazing and we are going to keep going as long as she will have us.- Sean & Wendy Dowling

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