Training Services

Being a fitness instructor in small to large classes over the course of a decade now, and a personal trainer to many, I have learned how to teach to all levels of fitness at one time. This has created an environment where you will feel empowered and successful no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

We provide boxing fitness classes both coed and ladies only, small group personal training, personal training or a combination of boxing and personal training.

As a former couch cruiser, I found fitness by accident, as in I required an outlet. I was introduced to boxing as a form of unofficial therapy by a friend of mine after a bad breakup. Little did I know I would fall in love with boxing fitness, the community of people I would meet and the benefits it would have in areas like self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.   One of my personal goals is to help others find themselves again if that is what they are looking for. Or to maybe even fall in love with fitness as I did.

You can find more of my story on how I happened into fitness here

We all need to move more in our everyday life. Our society is too sedentary, we want to provide a place to help you change that in a fun environment. If you are an athlete, former or current, we have something for you. If you are looking for something different, we have that for you.

Additionally, I have found that women aged 35-60 who now have more time for themselves as their children are older are unsure of how to start a fitness plan.

I often hear the questions ‘Where do I start?’ ‘Can I get fit again?’ ‘Am I too old?’

I am here to answer all of your questions and help you build confidence in your fitness journey.  I want to help you achieve your goals no matter the challenge.

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